Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas in 2018

The estate market continues to grow in 2018. Hence, agents should think about the ways to improve their estate corporate marketing methods this year. This is crucial to have tactics that will help individuals maximize visibility and stay apart from the competition, says William Bronchick.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate

There is a huge competition in estate industry these days, hence individuals needs online and offline marketing strategies. If you are looking for some marketing ideas then you are at right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of estate marketing ideas to help agents stand out in the digital age.

Following are some creative Real Estate marketing ideas that you should follow in 2018:

Create a Responsive Website

 More than 30% of visits are from smartphones. Hence, you should make sure that your website is optimized for all platforms (Android, iOS etc.) as well as devices (smartphone, desktop etc.).

Upgrade the Quality of Photos

Actually, inexpert eyes can tell the difference between good quality photos and hurried clicks. If individuals are looking for home and pictures are blurry, it will leave a bad impression. Therefore, you should take some time to take quality pictures.

Active on Social Media

Today’s, people of every age use social media to share updates about their lives. Being an estate agent, you can utilize the social media channel to grow or cultivate your real estate business. Moreover, you should share value-rich content on different social media sites.

Add Live Chat Option to Your Website

Live chat is an effective online marketing tool. This option allows website visitors to ask questions and get the answers in real time. Furthermore, live chat creates a stronger user experience and provide valuable information to reach out.

Create Content that Provides True Value

According to William Bronchick, the primary focus of an agent should be on clients who want to buy or sell a home. Estate agents have to share the content full of valuable information applicable to individuals not presently in the niche. Moreover, shareable content also increases agent’s exposure to prospective clients.

Follow Up With Clients

This is essential to stay in touch with your previous clients. There is a need to send newsletters and email on regular basis. By providing valuable information about your business and reaching out continuously, previous clients will more likely to remember you when they need some help.

Ask for Referral

Word of mouth marketing is one of the simpler, easiest and cost-effective marketing methods. Here, the key is to ask. You should create a referral program with affiliates, maintain a good relationship with clients and ask them for referrals. More than 80% estate agents agree the fact that referrals from present and past clients are the successful marketing efforts.

Bottom Lines

In order to grow and cultivate estate industry, it requires effort and time. The marketing tactics here are given by William Bronchick, which worth agent’s effort if they follow different techniques wisely and attentively.

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